The Levins Performance Highlights:


  • URJ Biennial Conference 2019
  • New Caje 2019
  • World Premiere of My Friend Hafiz Show, SF 2018
  • Parliament of World Religions- 2018
  • Harmony in Unison Broadcasts 2017/2018
  • Repairing The World Interfaith Concert- Beth Shalom, Ohio 2017
  • South East Regional Folk Alliance Formal Showcase 2017
  • North East Regional Folk Alliance Formal Showcase 2016
  • Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Emerging Artist 2014
  • NY Limmud 2012
  • URJ Biennial Conference 2011
  • Boston Limmud 2011
  • URJ Ruach 5771 CD/Songbook
  • England Limmud 2010
  • Shalshelet Award 2010 & 2004
  • International Jewish Music Festival Amsterdam 2007



“The Levins folk music speaks the universal language of hope and compassion” - Serge Kozlovsky, Radio Magico, Belarus
The Levins (pronounced The L’Vins) are a NY-based duo “whose music celebrates our common humanity, reaching across cultural and religious borders, and the beauty of caring for each other.”  Their recordings have garnered invitations to perform in Amsterdam, England and throughout the United States in festivals, synagogues, churches and community centers.  Their uplifting, harmony-driven melodies combine a fresh revival of peace-inspired folk rock with wistful overtones of the 1930’s.  They have received numerous songwriting awards in the Jewish, Children's, and Folk categories.  Their dedication to making the world a happier place through music, together, has led them to relocate to New York, but remain bicoastal visiting their California community, especially in winter!

Short blurb:

Music celebrating lyrical mysticism that inspires joy. The Levins uplifting, harmony-driven melodies combine a fresh revival of peace-inspired folk rock with wistful overtones of the 1930’s. Their concerts are filled with songs that accentuate the connection between communities, with a light-hearted depth that delights and promotes a soulful joy


“Above all, The Levins’ harmonies recall the best of classic pop vocals… like The Beatles, James Taylor and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.”
Dan Pine- J. / the news weekly of N.California

Deciding to join forces for the upliftment of the human spirit and to bring some dignity to our collective experience, The Levins recorded their first CD*: 36, (now being distributed by Transcontinental music) based on the legend of the thirty-six Lamed Vavniks: the silent saints who keep the world in balance with their selfless benevolence. They were recently featured at the 2011 Boston and NY Limmuds, URJ Biennial, the 2010 Shalshelet Awards Festival and CD/Songbook, 2010 Limmud England and honored to be on the Ruach 5771 Compilation. The duo was again joined by their world folk ensemble on their second release My Friend Hafiz which was inspired by the words of the 14th century Sufi Master as translated by Daniel Ladinsky and brings a message of universal love and divine compassion to the listener. Ira and Julia, both singer-songwriters, have had solo and separate music careers in our own right. Ira Levin is also known as Uncle Eye (as seen on PBS Kids!) and Julia tours with internationally-acclaimed a cappella women’s quartet, Vocolot.
The Levins (now NY-based) have released:
  • 2002*- Madlik Oti- EP- Jewish Songs and Prayers
  • 2006- 36 - Songs and prayers inspired by Torah, Tanakh, and Jewish mysticism
  • 2010 EP called Barely Contained- with six original songs that will pick you up like a refreshing cup of coffee, including their increasingly popular version of the Yiddish tune, Ale Brider. 
  • 2013 My Friend Hafiz new additions and Re-release (#1 song/Top 10 CD FOLK DJ, John Platt, WFUV)
  • 2015 TRUST (Top 10 CD / #1 song John Platt, WFUV)
  • 2019 Caravan of Dawn (Top 10 CD- Folk DJ/ Top 10 Song John Platt, WFUV & Ron Olesko, WFDU)

* Ira and Julia first collaborated on Ira’s solo Jewish CD: Madlik Oti (C) 2002

Ira and Julia met at a music open mic in California in 2000 and were married in 2002. Soon after Ira's alter ego, Uncle Eye, appeared on PBS Kids! and Julia became a member of the internationally-acclaimed a cappella women's quartet, Vocolot. Eventually they decided that whether they are performing or singing-storytelling, doing it together is waaaay more fun.