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Highlights from the Westchester Jewish Music and Arts Festival 2023

New Song/Video: For the Times

New Song/Video: For the Times - The Levins (c) 2022

Greetings! We hope that the seasonal shift is offering you the chance to savor change and realign all things good. In this time of turning, we wrote and recorded this song the other night as an opportunity for self reflection; recognizing that it's never easy to begin. 

We justify. We rationalize. We don an aire of perfection. But in truth, we do have moments of fallibility. Thoughts, and actions that are not our best.  

Those things are not who we are.

But if we don’t take a moment to acknowledge and release, then how do we change? How do we grow? How do we become our best selves? Self compassion, self awareness, self reflection. Self forgiveness. Faiths have their practices, higher powers are called upon but it is still up to the individual to do the work. To learn, to move through pain. To understand the moments, so that there is a chance for evolution. Not for shame, fear or regret... but for love, compassion and kindness to lead the way. 

We are grateful for this beautiful video collaboration with Rabbi Julie Hilton Danan. Be sure to check out @wellsprings on Instagram to check out more of her incredible imagery.

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The Levins- Special Musical Shabbat with Temple Sinai 3-19-22

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