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WHY RUACH?  RUACH in Hebrew means "SPIRIT".   
This site is dedicated to our special programming that meets the needs of spiritual communities.  
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"The Levins' music is a reflection of our collective spiritual roots and tends to lean towards being uplifting, healing and unifying.  The music, as well as storytelling (with accompaniment), make an inspiring addition to your services, festivals or community/family events.  We offer concerts for all ages, services and song leading, singing storytellings, artists in residence etc.  We enjoy tailoring our programs to the needs or themes of the events or community.

Check out our calendar, join us if you are nearby or invite us into your community!  

Many blessings, Ira and Julia  / The Levins
"Thank you for such an amazing concert. You kept the house rocking all morning long with your energetic music and lush harmonies. I was most amazed that you could engage an audience of such a wide age range- we laughed, we sang, we ALL had a great time!"   Cantor S.Hummel, The Santa Monica Synagogue
" The Levins music speaks the universal language of hope and compassion."  Serge Kozlovsky, Radio Magico, Belarus 

“I want to convey the elements of a good service, give them a good feeling, and create a community,” Levin says of his approach,
—and based on my son’s request Sunday morning to go back to temple, I’d say it’s working.”   Brian Glaser/ Barista Kids
The Levins are overjoyed to be joining our friends at this year's URJ Biennial! Ira and Julia will appear on the Jewish Rock Radio Stage @3pm on Friday, December 13th.

The Levins are overjoyed to be joining our friends at this year's URJ Biennial! Ira and Julia will appear on the Jewish Rock Radio Stage @3pm on Friday, December 13th.


The Levins concerts accentuate the connection between communities and generations with a light-hearted depth that delights and promotes a joy. Their recordings have garnered invitations to perform in Amsterdam, England and throughout the United States in festivals, synagogues, and various meditation, community and spiritual centers.

Ira and Julia perform as a duo or with their world folk ensemble as heard on their first CD*: 36, inspired by the legend of  the silent saints who keep the world in balance with their selfless benevolence; and again on their second release My Friend Hafiz, renderings of the poetry of the 14th century Sufi Master (as translated by Daniel Ladinsky).  Their recordings bring a message of universal love and divine compassion to the listener, emphasizing the common thread between spiritual communities. In addition, their diverse musical and story repertoire extends from children’s music to American Songbook offering the opportunity to bring generations and communities together in celebration.

Ira and Julia have had solo and separate music careers. Ira Levin is also known as Uncle Eye (as seen on PBS Kids!) and Julia has just ended a nine year tenure with internationally-acclaimed a cappella women’s quartet, Vocolot.  Their dedication to making the world a happier place through music, together, has led them to relocate to New York, but remain bicoastal visiting their northern California communities, especially in winter!


See The Levins' live concert at Harmony in Unison 9-27-17: Click here


         Aside from our Shabbat and holiday services, we also provide wonderful programs such as:

  • Hidden Saints and Drunken Sages

         Claiming bliss on the narrow bridge between faiths

        An interactive concert and storytelling exploration of mystic joy. The Levins, share original songs and stories of divine joy inspired by Jewish, Sufi and other mystic traditions. The songs and stories promote inclusiveness and love, spanning the gap between generations, gender and geography with good humor and a benevolent spirit.


  • Simcha Spa 

        Re”joy”venate your spirit, your practice and your student’s love of Judaism as we honor one of it’s great values,  Joy.  Join The Levins for a refreshing interactive presentation of songs, stories, humor and tools for Jewish educators of all levels and anyone being of service or instilling the beauty of Judaism. Teaching with joy offers the opportunity for understanding and appreciation to take root, grow with love and blossom into a lifelong connection.  Come sing and participate in 90 minutes of educational elation! “What we learn with joy, we never forget.”



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